Hopeful Monsters Art by A. Chiodo, Essay by C. Salzani

Hopeful Monsters: Art by Alessandro Chiodo Text by Carlo Salzani

” The human has always defined itself against its other: the deformed, the monster, the animal. What monsters tell us is thus what we are, and they do it by playing with our desires, our anxieties, our fears. Therefore, they elicit simultaneously angst and fascination, disgust and laughter: they are at once the Same (they are us) and the Other, the repressed that returns with a vengeance. And that is why we ultimately love them.The dialogue between Chiodo’s drawings and Salzani’s texts stages a play of excess, transgression and subversion that interrogates the human form and opens new spaces for reinvention and liberation.”

Carlo Salzani is Researcher at the Messerli Research Institute of Vienna, Austria.


Alessandro Chiodo is an italian artist and writer based in Germany.